Rhino Staging’s journey began in 1991 in Tempe, Arizona, and it’s been an incredible ride ever since. Our headquarters in Tempe is a testament to this growth. From humble beginnings, we’ve expanded into a sprawling space spanning several thousand square feet. A stark contrast to our early days! This transformation highlights our commitment to excellence in safety and training.

One of the elements of our Tempe office that fills us with immense pride is the training facility we’ve developed. Our training facilities are a cornerstone of our commitment to professional development. Tempe is one of Rhino’s five national training centers alongside our facilities in Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, and Orlando. This network of training centers underscores our dedication to providing the best resources and opportunities for our team nationwide.

The Jungle Gym

We use the “jungle gym” rope access structure for rigging and SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) training. It also doubles as an anchorage for hanging trusses and pipes for the lighting and Master Electrician classes. When such Rhino training is not underway, other organizations occasionally rent the jungle gym for their training.

Our inventory of equipment and gear in Tempe includes:

  • 20’ x 10’ x 20’ rope access structure
  • Classroom accommodating up to 24 trainees
  • Open space in the warehouse for teaching stagehand skills
  • Portable 48” monitor and lectern for use in classroom or warehouse training settings
  • Loading dock and trucks for loader training
  • Scissor lift and forklift
  • Full inventory of fall protection equipment and rigging equipment available for training sessions
  • Theatrical lighting inventory for entry-level lighting through Master Electrician training
  • CPR and fall rescue dummies

We use the forklift and scissor lift for training inside the warehouse and outside in the parking lot. Additional on-site equipment operation training, indoors and outdoors, is conducted with rented reach forks and boom lifts.

In the past year, we hosted various classes, including:

  • Lighting 101
  • Advanced Lighting
  • Master Electrician
  • Supervisor Training
  • Safety Supervisor Training
  • Scissor & Boom Lift Operation
  • Counterbalance Forklift Operation
  • Reach Fork Operation
  • Rigging Rescue

Additionally, several other classes have been conducted off-site at various venue partners, such as OSHA 30, spotlight operation, fly systems operator, and rigging training.

Rhino’s Tempe, AZ Leadership Team

Victor Gates, Director of Rigging for Rhino in Tempe, said this about the jungle gym.

“One of the best things about having the opportunity to train our crew with a structure in our own warehouse is getting to watch the crew grow and learn new skills.  Having riggers learn rope access techniques and eventually get their SPRAT certification not only allows them to work on rope access projects but makes them better riggers overall.” 

Carolyn DuRoss, Production Manager for Rhino in Tempe, shares her view about conducting training sessions.

“We’ve tried to develop a very versatile training program. We can certainly do any of these training courses off-site, but doing what we can here at the office has its advantages. I like that it allows us to provide a safe and controlled environment for people to learn brand new skills. And by having this training area on our turf, we can also encourage Rhinos to stop by and put in some practice if they want. This way they can get comfortable, expanding and improving what they’ve learned beyond the classroom.”

Peering into the future, Jayson Adamsen, Director of Operations, hopes to expand the Tempe training program and acquire a Super Trouper for spotlight training.

“It is always a balance between the crew’s time for training and actual gigs out in the real world.”

Thank You Rhino Tempe!

Thank you, Jayson, Victor, Carolyn, and all at the Tempe office for all that you do to uphold the Rhino Staging standards of safety, training, and professionalism!