Rhino Florida crew member, Roman Ivanov, was recently singled out for recognition by a client in connection with his work on the 2024 Miami Grand Prix. This prestigious Formula One motor race took place on May 5 at the Miami International Autodrome in Miami Gardens. Roman’s outstanding performance earned him employee reward points (more on that later). We sat down with him to learn more about his experience and how the stars aligned for him on this particular job.

What did you do on the Miami Grand Prix jobsite as a Rhino crew member?

Roman: I was assembling garages for the Formula One race cars. After the assembly, we were engaged in improving the structures, because in addition to their functionality and safety, everything should look very beautiful and presentable.

Did you enjoy anything in particular about that work?

Roman: We worked closely with event personnel from the UK and their partners from Pennsylvania. I really liked the creative and friendly atmosphere they fostered. My creative approach to solving problems was appreciated and they trusted me. It was especially exciting and I could express myself 100%.

Why do you think Rhino’s client picked you out for recognition?

Roman: I offered them a technical solution to a problem and provided them with a prototype. The client collectively approved it, and with the whole team, we implemented the project. I apparently was appreciated for this because I came up with a working algorithm. In general, I liked this project because we had a lot of freedom, the project was extensive and unique in technical terms, and many technical solutions were implemented for the first time.

How does it feel to be recognized in this way?

Roman: Of course, I was pleased when the client appreciated the professionalism and creative approach. It was especially pleasant to hear that Rhino has exclusively professional workers. I am pleased to be part of this team. After all, each of our employees at Rhino is unique in their own way and brings their own skills and sometimes physical qualities to the table.

Any other comments?

Roman: Big thanks to all the Rhino crew who were with me – YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Special thanks to our supervisors Mick, Francisco, and Sherece. Good luck to the UK and Pennsylvania teams with special thanks to Tamsyn and Naum – they taught us very much. After this project, I now have a lot of new skills and working tricks.

Rhino Rewards Points System

Client recognition of individual Rhinos, like Roman, is not unusual. All Rhino offices use the company’s Rewards Points System to benefit recognized employees. This system encourages teamwork, excellence, and pride in one’s work, rewarding employees who excel.

In addition to client recognition, the system awards points for accepting a Rhino work call under the following conditions:

  • With less than 1 hour of notice.
  • With less than 5 hours of notice.
  • After 8 pm.
  • On a weekend when a scheduler offers you work.
  • The day of the event with more than 5 hours of notice.

After 25 reward points (against zero penalty points), the employee receives an incentive as determined by each Rhino office. Rhino Colorado recently used their employee reward points tally to determine who would be chosen to participate in a limited class-size training event. Click here to see our previous blog post on that training event.

Congratulations again to Roman for his excellence and Formula One-level drive to succeed!