Meet Elizabeth Brown, the new Director of Operations for Rhino DC! Elizabeth is a knowledgeable and skillful director with over 20 years of experience in various industries, including hospitality, non-profit, arts, and transportation.

Elizabeth steps into this role for Anna Epstein, previously Rhino DC Assistant Director. Anna is heading way out west to Colorado to fulfill her dream of opening a coffee house. We wish Anna the very best as we welcome Elizabeth!

Before joining Rhino Staging, Elizabeth managed a national non-profit for 6 years while serving as the acting CFO. Additionally, Elizabeth served as the Senior Vice President of Operations at a publicly traded hotel management firm. There, she led and supervised 3 VPs, 9 General Managers, and hundreds of indirect reports across 12 properties nationwide, reporting directly to the COO.

In her early career, Elizabeth worked as a graphic artist. Currently, she enjoys painting, photography, sports, learning new recipes, and themed party planning. Elizabeth is engaged and has two adult children and two soon-to-be stepchildren. The photo below shows Elizabeth with her fiancé and new family.

Welcome to Rhino Staging, Elizabeth!